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Italy Hotel & Airbnb Guide 2024

Italy Hotel & Airbnb Guide 2024

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Throughout the last 6 years of traveling, I have developed a deep understanding of the destinations I visit and the process of booking a stay. If you follow my journey and love all the tips and recommendations I provide, you will absolutely love this curated Italy Hotel & Airbnb collection that includes both luxurious high-end hotels and unique, off-the-radar hideaways that offer an authentic and immersive stay.


What to expect?

1. There are more than 60 carefully curated recommendations in this guide

2. All recommendations here are either visited by me (which I specify in the description), or are places I would personally choose for the specified budget and have great reviews

3. The guide is divided into sections, each dedicated to a specific Italian city

4. In each city, you will find: 

    • The best & most exclusive high-end hotels that are truly worth the splurge
    • Mid-range hotels that have the "quiet luxury" vibe whilst being a great price-to-value ratio
    • Airbnbs/guesthouses that fit different budgets and number of people

5. Under each recommendation, you will find a description of the place and some unique aspects of the place. You will also find how many people it accommodates, and the approximate price. For Airbnbs, you will find the direct link to book the place.



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