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Italy Travel & Hotel Guide

Italy Travel & Hotel Guide

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I get it; you have limited vacation days but want to discover all what Italy has to offer. You've been dreaming of spending this vacation with your loved ones, whether your partner, family, or best friends! Then I’m so happy you found your way here as I created this travel guide specifically for you! 



This guide includes everything you need for your trip to Italy. I wanted to make it as comprehensive as possible yet without it being too overwhelming. 


What is included in the travel guide?

-14 day detailed itinerary, day by day, with a complete plan of what to do each day, in the best order possible to make your days efficient but also relaxed

-Over 50+ stay options from hotels & airbnbs

-photo inspiration

-curated eateries and cafes for authentic Italian flavors

-sunset spots

-transportation details (including public transportation)

-travel tips (including safety tips, booking accommodation, etc..)

-notes section for including your own notes


This travel guide covers some of the most amazing places in Italy. I created it in a way to include major must-visit cities like Rome, Florence & Venice, the Italian Riviera including Cinque Terre & Portofino so you get to enjoy the beach and scenic hikes, and the lake side of Italy- the iconic Lake Como so you get to enjoy the calmness of the lake and the mountain views. In 14 days, you will explore the different sides of Italy, indulging in what each destination has to offer, and most importantly at a reasonable pace without feeling rushed. Another crucial aspect for me was to make the whole trip as efficient as possible for you. You don't want to spend half a day commuting from one place to the other; this would be a total waste of your valuable vacation days!


What makes this travel guide so special is that it covers a wide range of places in Italy, perfect if it's your first time visiting or wanting to make the most out of your recurrent trip to Italy! I hope you enjoy this travel guide as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

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